Airsoft Accessories – Garments, Equipment and Safety

airsoft equipment

What exactly is airsoft?

Airsoft is undoubtedly an upcoming sport that provides many distinctive values that “similar” sporting events like paintball can not offer you. Airsoft makes use of imitation firearms that fire 6mm plastic pellets that induce a slight sting when struck, enabling the opponent know that they have been hit. Airsoft at the end of the day is really a game of truthfulness, so any cheating must be rustled out by the marshals that officiate the games at most of the game sites. There’s an added aspect of realism in airsoft as it’s equipment is heavily orientated on replicating actual weapons, gear and “load outs” This is the main drive towards airsoft especially from ex- paintball players, as paintball can only be taken so far along with realism, as large HPA or co2 tanks sidetrack from the realistic element, despite the fact that there are now HPA airsoft guns that take many aspects from the traditional paintball gun. Examining the main percentage of airsoft weapons, they do often reproduce the external aesthetic, and even go through similar internals with Gas Blow Back models replicating the internal function of a genuine fire arm, with the only distinction being the lack of combustion, instead using gas as a propellant rather than black powder.

airsoft equipment

Overall games are setout in objective based games as it’s usually smart to mix specific achievements and goals through a regular game of “deathmatch”. Realistic objectives like holding a location for some time, or looking around the game site to have an item or piece of “intel” is a well-liked game type, because it gets each teams operating towards an objective that will pressure players to conflict in certain areas. This could replicate real life active fire situations, as you can all of a sudden come across a entire group of the enemy team, which means you’re going to need to use techniques to outwit your attacker.

Although it may seem the airsoft gun, whether it be an AEG, GBBR or possibly a HPA gun could be the most important part of your loadout, we have to check out other aspects like your clothes, equipment and particularly your protective equipment, as you want to get the best time you can, with the most amount of safety you could have. Airsoft is a hobby and can be an enjoyable sport, so you mustn’t lose sight( excuse the pun ) when it comes down to safety. Sometimes you have to forgo realism for the utmost safety since you don’t want to be blinded because of a insufficient sense and safety.

This moves us on nicely to the first aspect, which we think is an essential one as it stops you from being permanently damaged, as eye protection is paramount with regards to airsoft. Because of the nature of the projectiles in airsoft, its so important to possess ballistic rated glasses that will protect your eyes from a BB that is flying at 300+ feet per second. Full seal eye protection is always suggested, but this is when you can get some variety based on your requirements. Some players go for mesh glasses because this can stop the dreaded “misty goggles” because of moisture build-up or condensation in plastic goggles. However mesh glasses have been known to let in shards of plastic in to the glasses even if they’re complete seal, because the small holes can let in ricocheted plastics from pellets that break up with the impact. Full covered eye protection made from ballistic rated plastic can solve this, because the sheet of plastic has a full level of protection around your eyes. This could cause problems like fogging but products like anti– mist spray, as well as washing up liquid can resolve these issues, as it can stop the build-up of condensation from inside of your goggles.

This leads onto our next item of face protection as you can opt for lower face protection. In the UK, game websites tend to require mandatory use of lower facemasks with young players, and 18+ players are able to use it under their own discretion. Most CQB sites operate a mandatory face protection requirement as getting your teeth shot out is not unheard of. It Is surprisingly common, as you can’t controla stray BB from hitting the mouth. For this reason we recommend lower face protection a great deal, as a £12 face mask will ultimately save over a dentist’s bill, along with the discomfort that is included witha chipped / shot tooth.

You could think about an alternative choice having separate pieces as manufacturers such as Dye have full facemasks, which integrate both pieces of protective equipment with each other. These full facemasks usually have integrated fans that also stop the fogging of your goggles, which is a great feature that comes from high- end paintball masks.

With your head literally covered, you should think about kitting out the rest of your body, because there is a plethora of things to pick from. Combat vests, chest rigs and plate carriers are things you can equip yourself with making carrying things like extra magazines, ammunition and side arms very simple. These can be customised to your load out, as many rigs are suited to particular camouflages or colour ways.

If camouflage has to be your game, then maybe you should think about a ghillie suit, which is the ultimate device of camo. Obtained from the military’s sniper class, the ghillie is really a total suit which uses different colors of burlap, which you’ll insert different plant life to blend into your environment. Some may think this really is too far, but a DMR or sniper role is a very important aspect in an highly effective team, so Mil- Sim players may want to integrate this into their system when they choose such positions.

Taking a look at accessories for the chest rig, you could have things like magazine pouches, that are a must for any game that last longer than ten minutes, as reloading is an important facet of airsoft. Holsters for your sidearm are also a key way of keeping your sidearm near; as you don’t want to be losing your investment the first game you are out in the game. Weapon slings are also an excellent way of keeping your main weapon slung on your body as sometimes trips and drops may happen. Keeping your airsoft weapon near to you is another great aspect whenever you change to your sidearm, and have to hold an in- game item, which demands two hands.

There actually are 1000s of items you might use in airsoft that will help you in game, as airsoft is really a game of realism a lot of the time, do some research and find out what you like, as this is the best way to inform yourself on a load -out that you are happy with, and are proud to call your own.


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