Write For Us

We welcome all writers, from all backgrounds and experience levels.

Whether you just need somewhere to start posting your work and would like to receive feedback, or you are an experienced writer who want to add their personalities to our resources, expand your portfolio or offer advice, we have a space for you.

Do you have a good idea for an engaging post that fits our blog?

We would love to hear about you and work together to bring you, other content marketers, seo professionals, web designers and potential clients, an ultimate resourse, by providing great content on topics that interest them!

What Content Are We Looking For?

Our blog is intended to be a resource hub for creatives, as we provide services and knowledge base for airsoft, tactical gear and equipment.

Our aim is to provide our readers with articles written by people who love what they do and want to share their experiences and expertise in these topics:

  • Airsoft
  • Airsoft Gear
  • Tactical Gear
  • Torches
  • Optics

Where will your article be published?

Our first priority is always to publish a guest post on our own blog. But this is not always possible due to the huge number of requests.

Quoracreative also has partnerships with many websites in similar niches. Which means we support many requests for a guest post by utilising a space on a partner website.

Where your guest post goes live depends on various factors, some of them are:

  • The topic
  • The content length
  • Your Domain Authority (DA)
  • Your Do-Follow Link Niche
  • And other factors

When you submit your article for guest posting with us, you give us the right to choose where we publish your post.

We are not required to inform you prior to publishing and this is not:

  • Negotiable
  • Changeable

Before, during or after the article is published.

What are the qualities of a good article

  1. It is written as someone knowledgeable about the topic.
  2. The idea and structure of the post are clear.
  3. Is written for one (or several) of the audiences.
  4. Visuals support the post and are well created.
  5. Backed by facts and points to good further information and resources.
  6. Is written in an engaging way.

Guest Posting Guidelines Do’s

  • Submit 100% original content
  • Write longer than 600 words
  • Give practical and actionable tips
  • Add useful images to describe the points you mention
  • Backup up your points with research and real-life data
  • Link to supporting resources and other helpful guides online
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes
  • Format your article so it’s easy to read
  • Use bullet lists, and Headings etc

Guest Posting Guidelines Don’ts

  • Write purely for search engine
  • Include affiliate link in your article
  • Add links to low-quality content (we will remove it)
  • Include stock photos that add no value to your writings
  • Over promote yourself or your website or your products
  • Include keyword-focused links in your bio (only brand names allowed)

If you are looking for back-link  / Do-Follow link, we are OK with that but with following conditions:

  • Maximum 1 link is allowed.
  • Link will only be added to the bio section for the Author.
  • All other links found in the body of the artcile will be reviewed and edited or removed if needed.

Do not copy.

Please be advised and follow it religiously. Copied content is easily discoverable and we will carry detailed checks using professional-grade tools.

An instant ban awaits in case something smells. We hope you understand so please do not waster your time.

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Please contact kkremio1@gmail.com for guest post submissions.